Photographer based in Stamford, CT and covering the Tri-state area, NYC, NJ & CT. 

I am a self-taught & Professional photographer specializing in Portrait and Lifestyle photography, Seniors, Street & Landscape photography.

My passion for photography started back in middle school, I was given a 35mm film camera from my mom to take it with me to my very first overnight field trip, I was amazed on how easy was to capture all those moments forever and share them with my loved ones.

I spent the rest of my teen/youth life shooting every moment I could, wanting only to capture moments for myself and not paying too much attention to the details, composition and specs, it was until I became father of 2 little princesses that I took seriously my photography skills. It was until I messed up pictures of important dates on their life  that I decided to become professional.

After that I studied photography for over 2 years reading and watching tutorials everywhere and signed up to the New York Institute of Photography. I bring my camera with me every time I go out, even if I only go for grocery shopping.

I am passionate in Portrait & Street Photography I love shooting with natural light and also with artificial lighting, both techniques provides a unique look to your pictures plus the post-production with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Check out my Portfolio and follow me on my social media for more about me.